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Emergency Water Shut-Off Instructions

Reduce or prevent water damage. Learn how to safely turn off the water supply to your leaking water heater and the main water and gas lines if needed. View More

The Two Types of Water Heaters in Brentwood

There are two primary types of water heaters in Brentwood. They are:
  • Tankless Water Heaters Tankless water heaters are just what they sound like: water heaters that do not have or store hot water in a large storage tank. Instead, tankless water heaters heat water on an on-demand basis. These water heaters are best used in homes and businesses that use fewer than 40 gallons of hot water every day.
  • Traditional Brentwood Water Heaters Traditional water heaters in Brentwood are, by far, the most common type of water heater in the area. Like tankless water heaters, conventional heaters heat water using gas or electricity. However, the primary difference is that traditional water heaters then store the hot water in a large storage tank for later use. Therefore, these water heaters are best used in homes and businesses that use more than 40 gallons of hot water every day.

Do You Need Brentwood Water Heater Repair

One of the most common questions that our team of Brentwood water heater experts gets asked is: “Do I need water heater repair in Brentwood?” Well, to help answer this question, our team of plumbing professionals has put together a list of common plumbing problems that point towards you needing professional Brentwood water heater repair services. That list includes things like:
  • No hot water when called
  • Smelly or foul-tasting hot water
  • Rust-colored or cloudy, hot water
  • Strange noises coming from your water heater
  • Leaks or flooding around your water heater

New NAECA Energy Requirements For Water Heaters In Brentwood

The new NAECA energy requirements are now practical for newly manufactured water heaters, tankless water heaters, and high-efficiency water heaters. This includes residential and commercial water heaters with gas, propane, or electrical energy sources. What is the impact of the NAECA Changes?
  • Existing water heaters may be used until inventory runs out.
  • Home energy improvement projects, may require new models.
  • Some models have new electrical requirements.
  • Some models vary in capacity, width, and height.
  • May require a different water heater energy source
  • You may need to change the capacity of the new water heater
  • May need to convert from a standard water heater to a tankless or high-efficiency water heater.
  • You may require relocation of water heater

Excellent Customer Service

Water Heaters Masters started in 2006 to provide the best solution for residential water heaters. We provide excellent service at competitive prices, whether you need a water heater repair or a tankless water heater installed. In addition, because your time is valuable, we arrive at your door ready to complete the job, saving you both time and money. We are also happy to provide Free Written Estimates with No Trip Charge.

Diamond Certified Experts You Can Trust

We are your local Diamond Certified company, providing excellent service at competitive prices. In addition, we are rated “Highest in Quality” by customers (just like you)! Read More

Customer Service Awards

Water Heaters Masters earned the following awards, demonstrating our consistently glowing excellent customer service records.
  • Angie’s List “Super Service” Award: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Home Advisor’s “Best of Home Advisor” Award: 2014
  • Home Advisor’s “Top-Rated” Award
  • Diamond Certified “Rated Highest in Quality” Award

Discounts Offered For Water Heater Repair In Brentwood

Water Heaters Masters offers discounts to both senior citizens and military personnel for any new water heater installation. We also have periodic promotional rates posted on our various social media platforms.   Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and google+ to catch our latest news, helpful tips, and promotions.

When It Comes To Brentwood Water Heaters, We’re A Warehouse On Wheels!

Water Heaters Masters trucks come to your home fully stocked with various sizes and types of water heaters. This allows our technicians to address your water heater replacement and repair needs quickly. Although it is impossible to carry every possible water heater or part on board, we can promptly get non-standard or tankless water heaters from our warehouse nearby.