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How To Flush Your Water Heater

Your home’s water heater is an essential appliance that plays a vital role in providing hot water for various purposes. Unfortunately, over time, mineral deposits can build up in your water heater tank, decreasing its efficiency and lifespan. Flushing your water heater is a simple maintenance task that can help to remove these deposits and… Read more »

Optimize Your Water Heater Temperature

Did you know that you can change and optimize the temperature of your water heater? That’s right. You can change it. However, what you consider the optimal water heater temperature can differ from what others consider optimal. Here at Water Heaters Masters, we understand that people have different opinions on optimal hot water temperatures. In… Read more »

Water Heater Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your water heater accounts for 18% of the total energy your home uses. That is much energy to spend on a single appliance. That means it is a great place to focus on if you’re trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency. With our tips on improving the… Read more »

New Year’s Water Heater and Plumbing Hints & Tips

Happy New Year! With Spring just around the corner, now is a beautiful time of the year for a chance to start over. With this chance to restart could come a new wave of inspiration to start your spring cleaning. Still, we also recommend taking this newfound inspiration and using it for your home’s plumbing… Read more »