Holiday Water Heater Safety Hints and Tips

The holiday season is here! The weather is turning colder, and the spirit of the holiday season is in the air. While you’re spending time and effort making sure your home is ready for the season, don’t neglect your water heater. Nothing puts a stop to the holiday festivities like a water heater problem. Follow the five following holiday water heater safety hints and tips to stay safe this year!

1 – Keep the Space Around Your Water Heater Free and Clear

First and foremost, remember that water heaters can cause a fire. Make sure to keep the space around your water heater free and clear of all types of potentially flammable objects. Make sure there is nothing within a five-foot radius around your heater. Additionally, make sure you keep all paints, solvents, and other flammable materials in a separate room from your water heater.

2 – Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

While most people enjoy hot showers, it’s wise to lower your water heater temperature during the winter months. For one, you’ll use far less energy with a water heater set at 120 degrees. The 20-degree difference is hardly noticeable (for most people), and you’ll use considerably less energy each month. So, take the advice of the water heater experts here at the Water Heaters Masters and lower your water heater’s temperature this winter.

3 – Make Sure You Have a Reliable Carbon Monoxide Detector Near Your Water Heater

A carbon monoxide detector can save your life. That’s right, carbon monoxide is dangerous, and your water heater produces it. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector installed, with fresh batteries, in the same room as your water heater. Honestly, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in any place with any other appliance that uses heat or fire to perform its duties. Adding a CO detector to your water heater room may save your home and the lives of your family one day. Don’t neglect it.

4 – Listen for a Knocking Sound Coming From Your Water Heater

It may seem strange, but you should always give your water heater a decent listen every time you turn it on. Suppose you hear knocking, banging, or another similar sound coming from your water heater. In that case, you likely have a scaling problem. Contact us here at Water Heaters Masters for assistance the first time you hear any knocking sound coming from your water heater.

5 – Get Your Water Heater Professionally Maintained Annually

Having us perform annual maintenance and an inspection of your water heater is the best thing you can do to keep your heater running like new. Water heaters tend to break down without maintenance, costing homeowners thousands of dollars a year in repairs and replacements. So save yourself the hassle this holiday season by scheduling a professional maintenance job with us today!